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Written by Martin Hubbard
January 2012

Up towards Durbanville the housing changes to more luxurious and the garden areas are quite sizeable. The trees and shrubs become more abundant and the variety of colours more noticeable. This certainly gradually becomes a more up market area. The town itself is a mixture of “platteland dorp” and budding town expansion. The municipality and a section of strict residents have held back the growth to try and preserve some of the old historic atmosphere. They certainly restricted its growth, although have definitely retained a certain charm since its beginning in 1806.

In those times a journey into the hinterland began with a wagon drawn by oxen or horses through marshes and swamps to reach the small “outspan” post of Durbanville. To “outspan” was to unhitch your wagon, take a break from the dusty, weary road and give your cattle a chance to graze. Here was an opportunity for the local farmers to trade their produce!

Nowadays you can easily and quite effortlessly drive on the N7, N1, and N2 to reach Durbanville. It has somewhat changed over the centuries. You now can reach Durbanville within a 25 minute drive from Cape Town. The town is self sufficient in all the good things in life and is still a hub of activity, industrial, commercial, leisure, medical, educational, sport, business,etc. Accommodation has also changed. Toilets have moved indoors and furniture has become more comfortable. Lodgings can be found ranging from very luxurious to basic and prices range from small to large, catering for most pockets. The wineries are worth a visit, not only to taste but to view and enjoy the involvement between man and nature. Unknown to many, these wine farms are the oldest in South Africa, younger only to Groot Constantia.

The people, like the climate are reasonable, moderate and warm to travellers and tourists alike.

The restaurants, well, come and see for yourself. Nothing beats you savouring and salivating over the interesting culinary delights that are on offer.

As owners of Clouds Guest House situated in this beautiful area we don’t call it the Hub of the Cape for nothing, as all amenities and tourist attractions are reachable within a maximum of a 25 minute drive.

Come and discover Durbanville!

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